Student Social Agreement 

Written by the Class of 2020

When in the course of Human Events, it becomes necessary to draft a social agreement, we the class of 2020 have decided to take action. In order to create a community that values clear communication, fosters mutual respect, and works to cultivate a unique, meaningful, inclusive, and creative learning environment, we propose the following agreements:

  • We agree to mutual respect between ourselves and teachers, staff, parents, and peers

  • We agree to strive to be honest in our actions and interactions, both academically and socially

  • We agree to respect and follow the rules of EWS

  • We agree to keep EWS a substance free school

  • We agree to encourage each other to abide by these agreements and the rules of the school

  • We agree to care for one another’s health and well-being, and promise to bring and receive issues with honesty and without judgment.

  • With these agreements we strive to uphold the goals and values of our school and community.

Substance Agreement 

At Emerson Waldorf High School, we strive to create a social and educational atmosphere that relies on the dedication, presence of mind, and integrity of its students. This agreement serves as a foundation upon which we can build an environment free from the effects of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, or any other mind-altering substance. 

While at Emerson, students will uphold the agreement to embrace a substance-free school. If a student violates this agreement by selling, buying, advocating, or partaking in drugs, the violation will be handled in a discreet manner that takes into account the health and safety of the student involved and the greater community. 

Exceptions to this agreement include medications prescribed by a doctor and taken according to instruction. 

By signing this document, I give my word that I understand and will cooperate with the content of this agreement. I recognize that part of my responsibility to this agreement is not only to uphold these community standards myself, but should a peer break this agreement, to support them in being accountable and making reparations as needed. 

My word holds as much, if not more, weight than my signature, but my signature represents my word.