High School Fees

Annual Tuition

The annual tuition can be divided into 10 monthly payments June - March.

New Enrollment Deposit

$1000 per student.
The deposit amount goes toward the annual tuition total. The deposit must be paid at the time of enrollment online via TADS; this is a one-time fee.

New Student Fee

This is a one-time, non-refundable fee. It is billed with the first month’s tuition payment.

Sibling Discount

If you have more than one child, a 10% discount is applied to tuition for the younger children enrolled in Grade 1 or higher. The sibling discount does not apply to students enrolled in the Nursery or Kindergarten programs, or those receiving financial aid.

Parent teacher collaborative Fee

There is an annual fee of $70 for the Parent Teacher Collaborative dues. This fee will be added to each family’s Tuition Agreement and will be payable on the first tuition invoice.

Class Trips

Each class participates in one overnight curriculum trip as well as a variety of 1/2 day or full day field trips to museums and play productions. Parents will be notified ahead of time. In 12th Grade, the class has the opportunity fund raise for their 12th Grade trip destination. Fees can range from $3-$450 except for the senior class trips.

Sports (Optional)

Students interested in playing a seasonal sport will be billed on their monthly tuition statement for the season. Fees range from $150-$375.